About Us

What we want to achieve

Honest Crypto was created to be an honest (as the name says), trustworthy and reliable provider of quality information and knowledge regarding all things related to cryptocurrency and bitcoin.

We intend to give our readers more knowledge and information regarding the current events, the macro outlook (big picture), trading, tools to create an edge, exchanges, important news and more.

Why we stand out

There is certainly no shortage of blogs and sites on matters relating to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. However, I believe many would argue that the quality and trustworthiness of most websites are quite low. This stems from most of the sites creating content by copying others’ content on topics they have no knowledge of and then proceed to adjust the text slightly, which is also known as “copy-writing.”

I’m proud to say that this is something we don’t have to resort to, and I believe over time our readers will come to appreciate this.

Easy to read

We will try to cater to a broader audience of readers by creating written articles that are easy to read and understand for most, this way we will be able to communicate even moderately complex concepts in an effective way. We will strive not to overcomplicate the topic at hand unnecessarily.

No paid articles or sponsors

It is unfortunately common for exchanges and companies in the crypto space to pay websites and influencers to promote their shady exchange, coin, or other products for a fee.

This is something you don’t have to worry about here. Honest Crypto will never write paid articles and reviews for any reason, nor will we accept sponsorships that can draw doubt over our ethical and objective standards.


There are a lot of sites that are seemingly unconnected to any business but are secretly owned by a company. This occurs to promote and sell the products of that company to appear more genuine for consumers and readers.

Examples can be exchanges creating or buying review sites, and then coincidentally reviewing their own exchange as the significantly best one. This is in general not a very uncommon strategy.

Honest Crypto is an entirely independent entity and is not owned by any other group or company, nor does anyone have anyone outside of Honest Crypto have any influence over our work and decisions.

Why do I use a pen-name?

A pen-name is a fictional name used to remain anonymous. By having clear information about my name, age, country of residence, address, phone number one would make oneself a much larger target than necessary. Once you have one piece of the puzzle, it is a lot easier to find the rest. Therefore it is generally wise to limit what you can.

If you think hard about the people you have read about being hacked and having their accounts emptied, I’m sure you realize that an unproportionate large amount of these people had public names out in the open and likely even more information. This is why I respectfully choose to use a pen-name as many traders and privacy interested users have chosen to do. After all, I don’t have a brand nor something to sell so unnecessary attention focused on me is undesirable.

Pierce Moore

Author of the blog

Pierce Moore is my chosen pen-name, as many other clever people in the crypto world I understand and appreciate the importance of security, particularly, PERSEC (personal security).

I have experience trading cryptocurrencies since 2016 and actively managed personal stock portfolios since 2010. I have previous work experience in analytical and security related fields and I’m currently working towards my MSc (Master of Science) in Financial Economics from a reputable institute. I also hold a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in applied macroeconomics. 

Guest authors

I will from time to time seek out other individuals who have demonstrated knowledge or talents in a particular field to either contribute a well written article to the site or conduct an interview which will pertain to their field of expertise. This will assure that the site keeps a good standard in regard to producing reliable and insightful material.

Social media

You will be able to find us on most major social media sites, facebook, twitter, youtube and Instagram. Twitter being the one where we are most active.

How does Honest Crypto make money?

We don’t sell any products and we refuse to do any type of paid content, this means we rely on our trusty to readers to help us out.

When we write about exchanges or products we actually use and generally enjoy we will use an affiliate link where it’s possible, naturally at no cost to the reader. In the majority of the cases the link provided by Honest Crypto will bring additional cost saving benefits which the reader will be informed about beforehand.

We would never use an affiliate link to any products or exchanges that have been observed conducting dishonest practice or other shady activity.


If you need to contact us please use the contact form which you find on the contact page.