Introducing refsave

Finally, there is a way for traders to get their fees paid back to themselves without breaking exchange rules.

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Finally, there is a way for traders to get their fees paid back without breaking exchange rules.

As most traders know, the more frequent you trade and the larger the size, the more referral fees you generate to the referrer. Unfortunately, exchanges have rules that don’t allow you to use your own referral links, and this is where refsave comes into the picture.

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By using refsave, you will be able to receive your paid fees in return if they are above $500 at some point in time, which is not exactly challenging for active or large traders.

So how much can one trader potentially save? For a simple illustration, imagine a trader that trades with $25 000 and takes 15 trades in total each month, this trader will generate $3 375 in fees that is not paid to the trader. However, now with refsave, the trader can receive 80% of the fees back! In this case, that would amount to $2 700.

Usually, traders use the referral of a crypto influencer or the first link they find on google. However, I believe most of us agree that it is much more sensible that these fees go back to the trader instead of someone marketing the exchange.

I’m tired of seeing useless influencers keep getting paid by traders that happen to use their referral links, yet provide no real utility to deserve this payment. With refsave, we take these people out of the equation and instead allow the traders to get their own generated referral fees back into their wallets.

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How to Register

When registering, select the exchanges you want to save fees on, once this is done, sign up using the referral links. Note: if you don’t register using referral links, it won’t be possible for refsave to send any fees back to you. 

After signing up, paste your user ID from the exchange so the amount of fees from your account can be identified. If you struggle to find your user ID, guides can be found here. 

After that is done, all you need to do is paste in your USDC (ERC-20) wallet address to ensure you can receive your fees. 

And that’s it. 

Once you reach the $500 threshold, you will start receiving your fees back, and the payout takes place every three months. 

Hopefully, some of you will be able to save some money by taking advantage of this service.