Welcome to an Honest Crypto blog

We intend to provide unbiased, objective and well-researched views on matters such as

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This post is the very first on this blog, which symbolizes the start of something hopefully a few people will find useful in the coming years. Hopefully we will manage to become one of the few honest and trustworthy blogs related to cryptocurrency.

Our goal

 We intend to provide unbiased, objective and well-researched views on matters such as:

  • Crypto exchanges
  • Bitcoin and altcoin trading 
  • Macro outlook (the bigger picture regarding cryptocurrency)
  • Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin-related events and news
  • Reviews of all things crypto-related
  • Tools to increase your trading edge
  • Featured articles 
  • Q&A with known figures in the crypto sphere
  • And more!

This blog is not being sponsored or paid for by any exchange or crypto-related product, or only insensitive is to provide good quality content for the readers. We will likely use some affiliate links where it is possible to cover running costs and nothing more, for more information about this please check the about page. 

Who are we? 

I, Pierce Moore, am primarily the one running this blog. A little about myself: I have been trading cryptocurrencies since 2016 and have some experience with FOREX, but my stock portfolios are mostly long-term holding. I am currently working towards my MSc in financial economics, for more information about me look at our about pages. 

From time to time, I will get assistance from people who are more knowledgeable in their specific field to gather the best and most accurate content possible. 

What makes us unique? 

I’m not sure if you have noticed this about most other crypto blogs, but they tend to be run by third world copywriters, this means they scrape original content about a topic they know very little about and re-write it slightly. This results in 90% of crypto blogs providing nothing new when it comes to information, perspective or quality (which tends to be on the lower end), this is something I want to change. 

Why do most blogs copy? Simple, they want easy traffic with minimal effort. Their ultimate goal is to advertise some low volume shady exchanges or products nobody has heard about and can verify quality-wise. You can count on us to never betray or readers to promote a product we do not believe in, or that hasn’t proven reliable by a large share of users. 


If you have questions, feel free to write a comment or send us an email through the contact us page. I hope you enjoy your stay and learn something new.  

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